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More than one billion people are active on Facebook today and the numbers are steadily increasing. In just Rs 40/- you can reach a 500 people on facebook. This is the largest and cheapest form of advertising that is available to you today.

Facebook offers different ad options for different type of needs of a business such as brand awareness, lead generation, more traffic to the website and so on.

Whether you want to take your product or service to a much larger audience or you want to get leads of people who are interested in your event we can help create targeted ads that will yield guaranteed results.



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  • Create and manage advertisements for your business on Facebook.
  • Research your target market and create an audience profile for your requirement
  • Create the graphics or videos needed for the ad
  • Create an ad based on the desired outcome
  • Run the ad for the desired duration and within the allocated  budget.
  • Submit a  report of the ad outcome and results.

1 review for Facebook Ad

  1. Kajal Samwani

    Tried this service and now the ad is running on my Fb page great experience and get the result soon

    • Chetana

      Thank you for your business.

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