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Chatbot For Your Business Page


Did you know that Facebook Messenger engagement rates are 80 times better than email or newsfeed. With more than 1.3 billion active users on Facebook , Messenger is the worlds largest chat platform. So if you want to increase the chances of conversions you must be able to engage with your customers directly on chat the instant they send you the first message. However this  does not mean you need to be physically available 24/7 online or you need to deploy staff to monitor your page all the time. With a chatbot you can accomplish this easily and you can automate responses to routine and repeated questions which might otherwise get cumbersome to respond to each time. And the best part is that the chatbot will work inside of messenger itself.  You do not need to build a new chat platform.



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  1. Understand the type of conversations users are currently doing on the page.
  2. Design the interactions and flow of conversations.
  3. Create a chatbot to mimic the interactions.
  4. Install the chatbot on to the page.
  5. Test drive the chatbot.

Once the chatbot is live, it will start taking all messages on your page and you will continue to receive notifications on your messenger.


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