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Have you ever wondered how Facebook shows you ads for products that you have checked outside facebook? Maybe you did a google search and  you landed on someone’s website and now you start seeing the products or event ads for the same business on your newsfeed.

This is called retargeting and its possible because of Facebook Pixels.

Would you like the same magic to happen for your website too? Buy this gig and we will install a facebook pixel on your website so that you can also showing retargeting ads to people who have visited your website.



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  1. Create a new facebook pixel.
  2. Install it on your website.
  3.  Fix any pixel errors
  4.  Monitor if the page is generating data for standard facebook events.

** This gig does not include creation of any custom events.

*** To install the pixel we will need access to your sites backend or code and your facebook ads manager.


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