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Want to promote yourself on Facebook? You need to start by creating a Facebook profile. A Facebook Profile is a personal account assigned to you when you sign up with Facebook.  Unless you have a major website in your name, it is your facebook profile that shows up on Google search when someone enters your name on Google.

Your Facebook Profile is where you connect with family, friends, and colleagues. You’re able to see personal posts and updates from your friends in your newsfeed as well as share your own photos and posts.

Your Facebook profile is your landing page and if you want to make a great first impression then it is important to give in a lot of thought to how you want to present your personal profile.

We can create an interesting Facebook profile for you.



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  1. A facebook login with your credentials (username and password)
  2. A profile in the name provided by you.
  3. A professional looking profile image and cover image that goes with your personal brand image that you want to create.
  4. A professional, attention grabbing bio describing you and your work.
  5. Social networking links to your website, email id and business card.

We will get you started by connecting to other people on Facebook who you want to be connected with.

Finally, we will handover your profile to you, after which your ongoing mission will be to maintain a healthy level of activity on your newly created Facebook wall.


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