Facebook Shop

Setup Your Shop Inside Facebook


Do you want to sell your products on Facebook? You need to start by creating a Facebook Shop. As a merchant with a shop on your Facebook Page, you can show and sell products to people directly on Facebook. Your customers can view your products and place an order by sending you a message on facebook directly from inside your shop.

Buy this gig if you don’t have a webstore currently. If you have a webstore where all your products are already published we recommend checking out the Facebook catalog gig which will create a Facebook store using the product catalog from your website.



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  1. Setup a Facebook Shop tab inside your Facebook page.
  2. Add products to the Shop.
  3. Add product details such as price, description, images etc.
  4. Group the products into collections/categories.

Finally, we will handover your shop to you, after which you can start promoting the products on Facebook.

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