digital womens summit

Creating incredible value by bringing together women leaders across the Digital Marketing industry to collaborate, innovate and help grow our industry.

why you should sponsor the summit

Talking Opportunities

Sponsor talks will be featured on the Summits landing pages. These talks will be permanently hosted on our servers for an entire year which means anyone can view the talks even after the summit is over.

Marketing Opportunities

Publish your product and service discounts on all the talk pages. Special marketing emails containing your offers and brand logo will be sent to all the attendees. Upsell your services to attendees of your talks.

Hiring Opportunities

Recruit the brightest minds in the industry through the Summit. Post your job openings on our Summits Career Hub. Attendees can view all the open positions and apply directly from the Career Hub.

Networking Opportunties

Women are poised to be the largest consumers of digital products in this decade. Find potential partners, customers and connect with female experts and aspiring learners from the digital media industry.

event highlights

Digital Women’s Summit is a premier event conducted annually to create awareness on the significance and influence of digital in a woman’s life, business and career

Each year, we bring together students, thought leaders, influencers and community contributors to share knowledge, learn  and experience the full potential of digital marketing platforms, tools and related technologies

Keynote Speakers

More than 25 speakers will be delivering live talks on various topics on digital marketing.


The Summit is FREE for anyone to join. We are expecting more than 2000 signups in this run.


All sessions will be streamed live to our social channels on facebook, instagram and youtube.

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